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Born 1987

Lives in Aichi, Japan.

Forest Photographer based in the Japan

As an epileptic who suffers from loss of consciousness, I am unable to define my own existence without memory.
In such a situation, I had to ask myself the question that I have in the landscapes I photograph, "Is what I see and feel certain?" The method I used to clarify this question was to invert the negative and positive images.
As I searched for the definition of existence in the difference of scenes that emerge through the technique, landscapes that disappear as data, and image information that breaks down, the "impression" that was born through me was certainly there.
And it made me wonder, "What am I?" I am taking photographs because I want to know what I am.


Name   Hayato Takekoshi



   2006-2008 Aichi Professional Training College of Architecture and Design
Solo Exhibitions 
   2016 FIGMENT, NIA Gallery, Nagoya, Japan
   2015 HIKARI NO MORI (Forest of Lights), TORIDE, Nagoya, Japan

Group Exhibitions 
   2022 Quality Art Foundation Award Exhibition,London,England
   2022 Summer Art Festival,MITSUKOSHI, Nagoya, Japan
   2019 40one’s FEST, Gallery 40, Nagoya, Japan
   2018 Art Fair Tokyo, Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo, Japan
   2018 The Increased Wood Utilization in Urban Design Project, Nagoya Center Building, Nagoya, Japan
   2017 40one’s, Gallery 40, Nagoya, Japan
   2016 PHOTOJAM NAGOYA, Gallery 40, Nagoya, Japan
   2016 GKAIRO 22nd edition, Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art, Nagoya, Japan
   2016 Asian Creative Art Exhibition, The National Museum of Art, Tokyo, Japan
   2015 un-seeing, Spazio-Rita, Nagoya, Japan
   2015 -gensotaihai syndrome- 4, Ginza Modern Arts, Tokyo, Japan
   2015 Photo is, Lachic, Nagoya, Japan
Grants and Awards  

   2022 Quality Art Foundation Award Category Winner
   2017 EMON AWARD Photo Competition Shortlist
   2017 Act Art Award 4th Place
   2016 Asian Creative Art Exhibition Emerging Artist Award
   2015 Photo is honorary mention by Kundo Koyama

Media and Publications

   2018 Bijyututecho web, March 6, 2018


   2018 Ermenegildo Zegna Ginza Global Store


   LEAP-Tokyo, Japan






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