Born 1987

Lives in Aichi, Japan.

After studying architectural engineering at a vocational school, I aimed to become a voice actor, but gave up.
I started photography with the desire to continue to be a creator.

When the scenery is covered in fog, the lines and shapes of the highly ambiguous world fade like myself.
I seemed to lose sight of the light, and when I hurriedly looked into the viewfinder, the fog cleared up a little and a "special world" was spreading.
Project yourself onto trees and plants to focus on your "existence."
I want to make sure I'm here.


   ・エルメネジルド・ゼニア  レンタル販売

   ・web版 美術手帳 掲載
   ・ART FAIR TOKYO 2018 展示販売
   ・7th EMON AWARD ファイナリスト



   ・ACTアート大賞展2017 優秀賞

​​   ・第14回 アジア創造美術展 2017 新人賞